The Main Cathedral of Russia. Guided tour to the «Saint Basil’s Cathedral»

An educational project «Moscow Through the Engineer’s Eyes» together in collaboration with the museum “Pokrovsky Cathedral” launches an engineer tours in english language to the most famous cathedral in Russia. We will help you to orient in it’s labyrinth that includes nine separate churches and you will learn the basics of construction engineering that have been used in the 16th century. Our guides will show you all the unique engineering solutions that have been applied in the Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

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The tour is taking place inside the Cathedral of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat which is more famous by it’s second name «Saint Basil’s Cathedral».


You will learn:

  • About a very complicated story of the cathedral’s construction. Together we will investigate what was the nationality of the architects who created this stone miracle and if the legend about them being blinded by Ivan the Terrible is true
  • We will help you to finally figure out how many churches are inside The Cathedral and why all of them have their own name
  • You will learn many interesting facts about building materials, technologies and structure of medieval Moscow
  • And you will see one of the most unusual engineer solutions in medieval construction- a flat ceiling in the West gallery

When: look at the schedule below
Where: in front of Minin and Pozharsky Monument
Duration: 1,5 hours
Language: English

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