VDNKh. All Russia in One Exhibition. А walking tour including the Central Pavillion rooftop

There is a unique monument in Moscow, a symbol of the power of the Soviet regime, — All-Union People Economy Exhibition, or VDNKh. Opened in 1939, and renovated numerously under Stalin, Khruschev and today, it is considered a theme park of Russian history of the last century.

The tour takes you through the cetral part of the exhibition and finishes in the rooftop of the Central Pavillion.

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    During our “VDNKh. All Russia in One Exhibition” tour you will discover

  • How thin ithe ‘skin’ of the Worker and Kolhoz Woman is. (The most famous Soviet sculpture in the world)
  • What the system of VDNKh undergrounds looks like
  • What is inside the famous fountain ‘The Friendship of Nations’
  • How the exhibition changed after the fall of USSR and what’s happening there now
  • At the rooftop of the Cetral Pavillion you will get to enjoy the panorama and have the opportunity to take amazing pictures!

Duration: 2 hours

Meeting point: near the Central Entrance gates, inside the exhibitions (watch on Google maps)

Ending point: rooftop of the Cetral Pavillion

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